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United States Aluminum: Hurricane Resistant Design Guide

Hurricane Resistant Systems

This image showing the track of each hurricane from 1985-2005 gives an indication of the level of hurricane activity we face in North America. As communities encroach upon the shorlines they find themselves in the path of one of the most powerful and destructive natural forces on the planet. In August 1992, Hurricane Andrew stormed across the Atlantic with winds exceeding 170mph, bringing with it a wake up call to the residents and municipalities of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Hurricane Andrew caused in excess of $35 billion in damages and significant loss of life, which was an impetus that led to the revision of protective building codes in coastal regions.

Since Hurricane Andrew, the building envelope manufacturing industry has made great strides in developing a range of products to offer protection from the storm's damage. Advances in both laminated glazing and fenestration design has brought systems that can withstand the fury of some of the most powerful storms.

United States Aluminum produces glazing systems to meet a range of hurricane threats, from coastal exposure to lower risk inland conditions. Our IG500 & IG600 Storm Front systems and Series 7500 window are applicable in conditions up to +150mph wind zones. The IG451 Storm Front system is particularily advantageous for use in up to 130mph wind zones due to its less expensive glass requirements.